Our Services

Installation & Alignment
Removal & Rigging
Repairing & Rebuilding
Upgrades & Modernization
Electrical & Hydraulics
Inspection & Recommendation 
Welding & Fabrication
Preventative Maintenance 
Operator Training

Specializing In Coil Processing Equipment

Cut-To-Length Lines

Multi-Blanking Lines

Coil Slitting Lines

Tension Level Lines

Paint Lines

Pickle Lines

Coil Coating Lines

Mill Processing Lines

Packaging Lines

Precision Levelers

Straighteners & Flatteners

Slitters & Side Trimmers

Uncoilers & Recoilers

Scrap Handling Equipment


Stackers & Conveyors 

Coil Handling Equipment

Feed Systems


Cagle is available to provide repair parts in the critical time requirements that industry demands. If the items are beyond the capabilities of their equipment, we have excellent relationships with a variety of other resources. Cagle is also interested in, and competitive on routine machine shop items.



Full Machine Shop
Includes But Not Limited Too:
Edge Guides
Cylinder Rods
Crank Shafts
Leveler End Housings

Back Up Rollers

Hydraulics/ Pneumatic 

Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic Hoses


Design Layout

Pneumatic Valves

Pneumatic Hoses


Electrical Schematics & Design
PLC Programming
 Conduit Schedules
Installation of Electrical Components
AC/DC Drive Upgrade
AC Servo Drive Upgrade
AC Cabinet Design
Console Design

Field Service

We provide 24/7 field service at an affordable price. We are equally comfortable working on individual smaller equipment or complete processing lines.

We recognize the importance of keeping your equipment operating and productive. Our technicians will arrive prepared with knowledge and the tools to get job done.